Key Strategic Services

Strategic Enrollment Management

  • Private School, Higher Education, Community College

Strategic Enrollment Management

MISCHIAN brings the brightest minds to Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) with a combined experience of more than 50 years in higher education.

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a comprehensive and data-driven approach to managing the recruitment, retention, and graduation of students in higher education institutions. SEM aims to align the enrollment goals and strategies of an institution with its academic mission, financial objectives, and student demographics.

SEM involves a continuous process of analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of enrollment-related activities. This includes market research and segmentation, branding and marketing, admissions and financial aid policies, academic programs and curriculum, student support services, and institutional culture and climate.

The goal of SEM is to achieve a sustainable and diverse student body that reflects the institution’s values and objectives. This requires a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach that involves various stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, community partners, and industry leaders.

Some of the key benefits of SEM include increased enrollment, improved student retention and graduation rates, enhanced institutional reputation, and better financial sustainability. SEM also helps institutions to adapt to changing student needs and expectations, as well as to respond to external challenges and opportunities.

Overall, SEM is a strategic and dynamic process that requires vision, leadership, and innovation. By leveraging data, technology, and human capital, SEM enables institutions to achieve their enrollment goals and to contribute to the intellectual, social, and economic development of their communities and society at large.

Leadership Development and Training

  • Cross-Functional Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Resource Alignment

Leadership Development and Training

MISCHIAN brings together former Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, and more to provide a wide range of needs and expectations from a wide range of fields.

Leadership training and onboarding are two essential processes that help organizations develop strong leaders and integrate new hires into the company culture.

Leadership development and training is a program designed to develop the skills and qualities necessary for effective leadership. The training program typically includes workshops, coaching sessions, and other activities that provide leaders with the tools they need to motivate and manage their teams effectively. Leadership training may cover a range of topics, such as communication skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking.

Onboarding, on the other hand, is the process of integrating new employees into the organization. The onboarding process typically begins before the employee’s first day on the job and may continue for several weeks or months after they start. The goal of onboarding is to help new employees feel welcomed, valued, and equipped to perform their job effectively. This process involves orientation sessions, training programs, and mentorship opportunities that help new hires understand the company culture, learn about their job responsibilities, and establish relationships with their colleagues.

Effective leadership training and onboarding programs are critical to the success of any organization.

Business Development / Business Operations

  • Becoming a HPO and the Advantage
  • Reinvesting and Realigning Goals to Meet Ever-Changing Industries
  • Budget Stewardship
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Start-Up Experience
  • Public Relations
  • Lifecycle Project Management

Complete Service Offering

Marketing Development

Marketing is the set of all actions and processes for communicating, writing, designing, delivering, and exchanging information that have value to your consumer and society at large. Our team of visionary marketing professionals come from across the professional spectrum and are uniquely prepared to help you craft an identity that makes a lasting impression with your consumer. Also includes social media expertise and market research and evaluation.

Communication Strategies and Training

Audience interests are forever changing. Planning can streamline communication pathways, helping you to create and stay on message, when consumers are engaging and when they lose interest. Our communications specialists can craft original communications strategies or train you to develop ones that make an impact. We will train you and your staff to utilize the data to continue to meet the industry needs.


Photographs are memories. Whether it is telling the story of your brand or capturing your next big event, our team of professional photographers are here to help you build relationships within your company or with the public.


In a digital age, video is essential in helping your brand resonate with the public. Our team of professional videographers, cinematographers, and scripts writers are ready to help you tell your story, from storyboard to final cut.

Writing (Marketing, Communications, Website)

With people reading an average of 30% of the text placed in front of them, word choice is critical. From crafting original messaging, copy editing, and script writing, we are here to help you tell your story.

Creative Design

Visual Branding is your consumers first impression of your company, taking people just 50 milliseconds to establish a lasting impression of a design. We can help you originate and enhance your visual communication through print and digital media.


How do writing, communications, photography, videography, and design all come together? That is the secret to a successful campaign. Our team of marketers, photographers, videographers, designers, and project managers are here to help you craft comprehensive campaigns that build lifelong brand and consumer recognition.

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